Currently we develop some variants of the TG-PLUS remote unit for telecontrol in different sectors and the corresponding software for its management, as well as numerous measurement and analysis equipment such as:

Remote for Electric Power (TG-PLUS 2.0)

Telemanaged Water Meters for irrigation commonwealth (TG-PLUS RIEGA-T)

Remote control for irrigation in individual plot (TG-PLUS RIEGA-T).
The Ethernet-RS485


Our maxim is quality, as it has been shown throughout these hundred years as a company. All our products are tested and calibrated before their implementation and sale, reducing the possible problems that may occur. We provide a careful after-sales service and pay attention to all the assessments made by our customers in order to achieve a continuous evolution.

The existing products in the market are of the 'standard' type. Sometimes they have more parameters than are needed or, on the contrary, they are needed. In addition, being technological products tend to have a complex operation.

Remote control for bird farms (TG-PLUS CRIA-T).
Cards for domotic control of buildings and industries.
Network analyzers (MT-304 and MT-310).
Control and data management software (ELBRUS).
Monitors of backup batteries in electrical substations.
Extractors of PLC signal on electrical network in Cenelec A Band Rogowski coils for intensity measurement.
Network analyzers for 3M smart terminals. Protocol converters