The telecommunications department was born in 2010 with the creation of Miajadas Telecom, S.L.U. with the objective of developing equipment in technology and telecommunications.

It began its journey in 2012, with the incorporation of the first workers for the development of a remote TG-Plus telemanagement unit for the distribution of electrical energy. After several years of development and testing, it was implanted in the facilities of the company Energía de Miajadas, S.A. Subsequently, this technology has been sold to other distribution companies nationwide.

Currently Miajadas Telecom continues to develop the remote unit in its version 2.0 for installation in the agricultural sector, using smart electronic meters and control systems for irrigation of the plots, having a great acceptance for its modulation to suit the client.

This unit is used in partridge hatcheries (temperature control, humidity, liquids, etc.) as a domotic control unit for offices (lighting control, air conditioning, multimedia services, access control, surveillance, etc.) and in homes automated with an advanced degree of electrification. All of this is controlled with our own design software, ELBRUS, which adapts to the different modes of use and to the tastes of the client.